Lauren was exceptional at helping me craft and build my resume and cover letter. She paid great attention to detail and was extremely diligent in meeting all of my needs. I would recommend her to any college student or a seasoned professional in need of a stellar resume builder.

Lawrence H.

Investor Relations Analyst

Lauren did a great job working with me on overhauling my resumé and LinkedIn. What I appreciated most was her ability to ask incisive questions that got past the jargon, as well as my own preconceived notions about my own experience, to really dig into and reframe what my skills and job history said about me. She listened, questioned when she wasn’t sure about something, helped me reprioritize, and was easy to work with. She challenged me to think a bit differently about my expertise, but also heard my priorities and brought them into the fore. She also showed me how to keep relevant information updated correctly, and helped me rethink the language I use to talk about myself.

Reuben K.

Director, Office of Innovation and Data Management

As times have changed in the way people navigate the world of professional opportunities it is critical to understand the proper way to approach your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I was not naive to think that I knew how to do this on my own so I researched professionals who could provide assistance and guidance. I came across Lauren and am fortunate to have done so. Perhaps the most refreshing and impressive thing about Lauren's approach to her clients is that she has not forgotten that business is about people and relationships. Before embarking on the task, she got to know me and my aspirations and dug into how best to represent me. I came away from the process with outstanding and relevant materials to promote myself to companies; but more importantly I found a life-long collaborator interested in helping me pursue my career objectives. I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough for this type of work and partnership.

Ken M.

Strategic Brand Marketing Leader

Lauren was exceptional at helping me craft and build my resume and cover letter. She paid great attention to detail and was extremely diligent in meeting all of my needs. I would recommend her to any college student or seasoned professional in need of a stellar resume builder.

Laurence H.

Business Development Manager

Lauren helped me bring my resume in to the new millennium. While I'd updated my recent jobs over the years, the basic outline was the same and it was getting too long due to my 'append only' approach. Lauren did an awesome job of steering the document back on course, freshening the style and adding pop that honestly really never would have occurred to me. She was extremely professional, timely in her responses and kept me honest on keeping up my end of the bargain. If you need some help getting your resume on track, Lauren is a great resource to have on your team.

Brian S.

Sr QA Manager

I hired Lauren as a career advisor for my firm in 2019. Lauren is one of the most diligent and efficient advisors I have met. Her energy and determination is second to none.

Jason F.

Financial Market Data Leader

Lauren Markon is a genius! She took my resume from drab and boring to eye-catching and attention grabbing. I received so many compliments on my new resume and I felt so much more confident applying for jobs. She’s extremely knowledgeable about what employers are looking for and how get your resume to the front of the pile. I can't thank her enough for helping me redo my resume. I would highly recommend to anyone if you want to take your resume to the next level!

Danaia W.

External Relations Coordinator

Lauren is an expert in the field of resume building. If you are looking for someone to help brand you and make you stand out in the endless sea of job applicants, Lauren is the one to do it with efficiency and class. She has streamlined the process and helped ease my anxieties about making a career change. My only regret is not getting referred to her sooner.

Megan H.

Director of Licensing

Recently I was separated from my company and found myself looking for employment for the first time in 11 years. I updated my resume myself, but was not getting any response. I needed a professional and turned to Lauren from Career Connections NJ to get help. Her rates were very reasonable and the turnaround time was really quick. Within a matter of weeks, I was finally getting responses to my resume, which then led to interviews. I found a new position in only 2 months! I am sure that the changes to my resume and networking advice got me in the door. I truly have to credit Lauren and her amazing work for my becoming gainfully employed so soon again.

Stuart J.

Director of Demand Planning

Above and beyond customer service and a resume that comes with much attention to detail and care. A consummate Professional. I feel like she cares about my career. Lauren takes tremendous pride in her work. If you’re thinking about updating your resume and/or profile she’s a can’t miss choice.

Chris C.

Area Director of Business Development

I met Lauren through recommendations from former colleagues who were very happy with her services. Lauren is THE best resume coach/builder that I've ever come across thus far, and she helped several people succeed in their job transition and career transformation. Lauren's fantastic insights and passion to support me made her an amazing mentor and resume builder. I'm very happy I got the chance to work with her — I hope to use her services again shortly.

Anna G.

Talent Acquisition Manager

I highly recommend Lauren's resume and LinkedIn profile writing services, particularly for someone who has worked at the same company and been out of the networking / job hunting scene for a long time. She did a great job of translating many years of experience into a modern resume and profile. I was getting views and interviewing and landed a new role in three months. It was well worth the investment. Thank you again, Lauren.

Ralph F.

Strategy & Planning Director

Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand the various roles I have held over my career, and articulated them in a very succinct way. I have received a lot of positive feedback about the look and flow of my resume. I would recommend her to anyone looking to invest in themselves and enhance their chances of landing their next big role.

Craig R.

Financial Leader
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Lauren is great!! I needed to update my resume and make it more marketable. Lauren was very easy to work with and she made the process of updating my resume fairly simple for me. Her feedback and great suggestions resulted in a final product that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend working with Lauren if you are looking to update your resume. Thanks again - Chad Mentzel

Chad M.

Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management

When it was time to further my career, I realized that I need to update my resume and modernize it. After speaking with several individuals to help me in the process, Lauren was the clear and easy choice to help me with this process. She is clear, concise and supportive and quick! She listens as well as recommends. Meeting Lauren is person was also an added bonus! Thank you Lauren.

Winifred P.

Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Ms Penny Williams, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Credit: Image by Michael Masters. AUSPIC/DPS.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Lauren through my search for an expert on LinkedIn. As a member of the Career Services team at Ithaca College, I was searching for an alumnus to provide a virtual workshop to students on how to craft a competitive profile, and found Lauren's profile through the alumni search on LinkedIn. Lauren was very responsive and open to the idea of providing a 50-minute virtual session, and with her friendliness and energy, was just a pleasure to interact with. Her presentation to our students was dynamic, accessible, approachable, and addressed the key points that graduating seniors and those actively looking for internships can use. Her knowledge and comfort with using LinkedIn was solid, and it was obvious that we were listening to an expert. I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough...not only did I walk away with new information, our students were talking about how much her presentation helped them with their profile and how glad they were that they came. Definitely a winning presentation and presenter!

Kerry S.

Assistant Director for Industry & Community Engagement

I recently worked with Lauren to improve my resume and LinkedIn profile. The process was incredibly easy and the results were fantastic. Lauren was always easy to communicate with and was effectively able to put my ideas on paper. I love my new resume and have had nothing but compliments from the people I have sent it to. Since working with Lauren I have received a lot more job interest and have already been on a couple of interviews.

Christopher S.

Client Strategist, Senior Associate

Lauren always brings her "A" game. Even in her off time, through LinkedIn, she responds to inquiries in minimal time, always in a cheery mood and willing to help. She customizes her assistance to your needs, so your questions are answered in a clear & concise manner. In the event you need more detail, Lauren's patience knows no bounds. Her advice is incomparable and she pays it forward without hesitation. I wish I knew more people like Lauren throughout this job-search process. Kudos to her for setting people at ease at a most hectic time in their lives.

Beth L.

Progressive, Customer-Centric Benefits Program Manager

Lauren’s ability to capture career achievements and experiences and her extreme thoughtfulness in attention to details, her patience in taking time to understand my career goals is exceptional. As we worked together on my resume and cover letter, Lauren presented my professional accomplishments in such a way that highlighted my skill set and showcased what I can bring to future prospective employers. Lauren’s service is worthy of my recommendation to anyone who is in need of her expertise.

Lucy O.

Organizational Change Management Leader

Lauren is a professional and superior resume writer who will go above and beyond to tailor your resume towards your specific needs and goals. She takes the time to truly understand your background and what direction your career is headed. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for a new job or looking to advance within their organization. In addition, her LinkedIn skills and training are top notch providing users the skills to focus their job search and research how to find a contact within interested companies or groups.

Scott S.

Supply Planning, Functional Development
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, SES portraits.Justin Brown

Lauren is a professional resource for career changers... or those who want to maximize results with their resume key words and social media representation. She is courteous, time efficient, and results oriented. A "must have" in today's competitive environment.

Richard L.

Advanced Sales - Manufacturer Rep

Lauren gave me great confidence that she could help me explore opportunities I never considered before. I appreciate her willingness to listen and her creative ideas. She is very approachable, easy to work with, and always on time. I think she will be a tremendous asset to my career development.

Chris O.

Senior Project Director
Peter Varghese new High Commissioner for Australia to India

While in search of new employment opportunities Lauren was instrumental in helping me to identify and pronounce skills and attributes that were relevant to todays market place. Her resume and career counseling service provided me with a well written resume and extremely valuable career guidance that helped me to land a great job. I was extremely impressed with her attention to detail, punctuality, and high level of integrity. Lauren is someone I will do business with for a very long time and recommend highly to all customers and potential employers.

Wally F.

Marketing & Business Development Leader

Lauren is professional, approachable, and resourceful. In the short period of time, I felt as if I was working alongside a colleague from work and not someone I hired to aide me with my resume. Lauren has a strong knowledge of what recruiters are in search of for prospective employees. She is very clear with what she can or cannot do for her clients. She's a great person to know and hire. I would definitely recommend her work to others. Best of luck to all job hunters.

Jackie E.

Kindergarten Teacher

Being a seasoned professional, I thought that my resume was very good. That is until Lauren and I sat down at Starbucks. Although my content was there, it was not in the proper format, ie. layout, bullets, type, etc. But most important, it was not a selling tool. It did not jump out my strengths, achievements, etc. Lauren made it into a professional resume. Lauren was sincere, easy to work with and a professional with great skills.

Herb B.

Real Estate Developer

Lauren is extremely knowledgeable and a real professional to work with. She meets deadlines and is accessible to discuss and review matters. To anyone looking for guidance on how best to update a profile, she is an expert and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lorne C.

Global Sourcing Leader
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Lauren was able to highlight my career strengths and create a resume that reflected my diverse career background while also aligning it to my current career path. She was a pleasure to work with and took the time to work with me one on one. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to update their resume with a fresh prospective.

Purvi G.

Patient Support Specialist

Lauren has the gift of teaching a class concisely and clearly. She does a fabulous job of teaching the foundational information and then expanding upon what each individual needs. Her teaching is practical and effective and the additional knowledge and helpful resources she offers are brilliant. Thank you, Lauren!

Cindy M.

Life Coach

As I begin a new phase of my career, I see the value of using LinkedIn to my advantage but realized I just don't know how! Enter Lauren Markon. She was a wonderful tutor, full of great knowledge and had an easy manor. She never made me feel inadequate, and I really appreciated her patient instruction. I would definitely recommend her services.

Anne S.

Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor

Yes, I would be glad to recommend you. Your efficiency and knowledge of Linked in has been impressive. Your compassion and patience when I am confused has meant a great deal because overcoming the fear of all this is the bigger obstacle to overcome. Thank you for your sensitivity.

Donna S.

Diversified Elder Care Specialist

Lauren really brought my resume and LinkedIn profile to another level helping me land my first job out of college.

Adam P.

Portfolio Analyst

I met Lauren at the National Council of Jewish Women in Livingston while attending a Linked In Course. I was one of her students. While I had some knowledge of Linked In, I wasn’t sure how to truly tackle this necessary job search tool. Because of Lauren’s teaching style, my Linked In Profile came to life quickly and thoroughly and with a style that reflected my professional personality. Attending Lauren’s classes was probably one of the best sessions I’ve had relative to my new job search. This wasn’t a seminar or a discussion with a power point presentation on Linked In. This was a HANDS ON course in which Lauren physically instructs you on how to make your profile dazzle walking you through each step along the way. She is thorough, patient, and portrays true mentoring spirit. This session was seriously crucial for my job search and Lauren made the process both simple and rewarding. Any curriculum would benefit from having Lauren on staff.

Jaimie E.

Marketing Director

Lauren Markon, MS is a fantastic Executive Resume Writer as well as expert LinkedIn guru and trainer. For anyone looking to make a job change, out of work looking for a new opportunity or even just thinking about a career transition, you need to speak with Lauren. I highly recommend her without reservation!

David E.

Assistant VP, Claims

I cannot give anything but praise for Lauren's services throughout the years. When I first entered the workforce several years ago after I finished my Master's degree, as well as entered a period of transition in my career a couple of years ago, I consulted with Lauren for fine tuning my resume as well as discussed career possibilities for myself. She was incredibly thorough, personable, and patient throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Lauren for rookie entrants to the workforce as well as those undergoing career transitions and/or setbacks, as I so have experienced. Thank you very much! 🙂

Rachel K.

Statistical Analyst

Lauren was extremely helpful with writing my resume and interview strategies. I have gotten many more interviews with my new resume that Lauren helped with me than my old one. She was very nice and helpful during the entire process.

Hayley P.

Orthopedic Sales Representative

Lauren is a natural connector. While she excels at connecting clients with new career opportunities through her skilled resume writing and LinkedIn training, she is also a leader in her field connecting professional colleagues to one another. Her job search and small business insight is invaluable and her enthusiasm for the success of others is contagious. I highly recommend Lauren as a resume writer or business partner!

Julie W.

Certified Career Transition Coach

Lauren is an outstanding woman to work with. Her suggestions and guidance helped me to create a resume and LinkedIn.com page which truly reflect my career goals. Lauren was so easy to work with and professional every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with an expert like Lauren.

Rebecca S.

Mental Health Clinician

Lauren is truly a knowledgable professional in her Career counseling field. She created an organized game plan for me to "return to work". Lauren enhanced my resume, developed a Linkedin page, as well as advised me on networking strategies and groups. She is personable, thorough, and always followed up! I would definitely give her a 5-star rating and recommend her services.

Jennifer T.

Marketing & Sales Professional

Working with Lauren was an absolute pleasure. She provided both prompt and courteous service. She was receptive to all of my input and greatly simplified an otherwise daunting process. And the finished products (resume, cover letter, and Linked In Profile) exceeded even my highest expectations.

Tom R.

Nutrition Product Specialist

Working with Lauren Markon was a truly great experience. She took the time to ask me the proper questions needed to make the best resume possible. Lauren was very accessible and went out of her way to work around my crazy schedule. If you need help with your resume on any level, I highly recommend Lauren!

Stewart N.

Account Executive

Lauren has been instrumental in giving me the tools to be competitive and confident in a fast moving job market. Her skills are transferable to building a personal career profile in any industry. She has the experience and understanding of what today's professional needs to keep their career on track or begin a new career. I strongly recommend Lauren's professional writing services.

Patrick A.

Auto Claims Adjuster

Lauren is an amazing consultant. I had always thought that in today's knowledge economy more is better. She was very quickly able to edit and refocus my 3 page resume into a just over 1 page resume. She turned it into a document that not only made me want to hire myself, but led to a job within a month. To anyone looking for help with their resume, you couldn't do better than Lauren!

Todd G.

Jersey boy helping NJ Dr.'s thrive

Lauren is an excellent person to work with. Her input into my resume and LinkedIn.com page was well designed and creative. I received a very timely response to my requests. I would highly recommend Lauren to those seeking a career coach.

Scott J.

Director of Finance & Administration

Lauren was incredibly helpful in getting me organized and started with my career. She listens to what you have to say and takes that to heart when working with you. She was very nice and I am so happy with the results.

Danimarie R.

Social Media Strategist

I was a bit skeptical to engage a resume writer, but with Lauren it was one of the smartest investments I could have made in myself. Within ten days time, I went from being unsure how to position my professional experience, to having a well-structured story I am confident represents me very well, and am looking forward to telling. The current approach, style, formatting, and keen editing skills is what has earned Lauren my recommendation. All in all, it was a very efficient and pleasantly consultative engagement.

Jonathan C.

CEO / Founder Travel App

I have worked with Lauren on several occasions regarding my resume and cover letters and each time I have received exceptional service. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for professional advice and career development services.

Alex R.

International Relations Consultant

Lauren and I chaired a career a workshop in our Synagogue to assist people looking for work during these tough economic times. Lauren prepared a presentation on resume writing , networking and interviewing skills. I found her presentation to be professional, informative and chock full of information especially for people who are not use to navigating the web and who have been out of work for a while. In addition, she is very upbeat and consultative, so most of the attendees felt very comfortable taking her advice. I have been in recruiting for 25 years, and would highly recommend Lauren.

Rita S.

Division Director Permanent Placement